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Be cool and findout the real inner creativity with art. We provide wide range of art and craft materials that will transform your creative ideas into reality.

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Paper Flower was born to join the much needed race of conserving Our Mother Nature from hazardous Plastic usage and wastages by producing eco-friendly products for our daily usage through Recycling and Upcycling. Paper Flower was founded on March 10, 2019 by Vinatha Hari ,an aspiring entrepreneur, in a small scale to produce paper bags out of old newspaper, where a sapling was given in cocopeat planter for every 5kgs donated. These bags are made by mentally challenged students of DS Special Children Welfare Association,Chennai(DSSCWA) with their wonderful hands to show the people that even they are ready to make a difference in conserving our surroundings.

Our Works

Crafty Children

Paper Flower was initially born with a noble cause of engaging the mentally challenged children of DSSCWA in making paper bags with the guidance of parents. Now, these children make a variety of eco-friendly products - plates, cups, paper bags, envelopes, floor mats, yoga mats under the guidance of parents and resilient members of staff. Paper Flower gives the entire proceeds of these products to DSSCWA for the welfare of the beautiful souls. So, promote their product and make a positive impact in these children's life and to our mother Earth. Take a look at the products crafted by the children below :

Sample photo Sample photo Sample photo Sample photo Sample photo Sample photo

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